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Dilute (Lean) Phase Conveying
IBS has the full range of Dilute Phase Conveying equipment and solutions, offering both positive and negative pneumatic conveying systems which by definition have similar a design theory and adopt the same ancillary plant and equipment.


Dilute Phase Conveying will help you convey your granular and free flowing materials efficiently and reliably, and IBS can provide optimised solutions that will suit specific material requirements, conveying rates and applications.

Dilute (or Lean) Phase Conveying refers to solids which are suspended in an airstream along the pipework. The principal behind this process requires solids to be metered into an airstream either within an rotary airlock, single batch transfer units, double dump continuous units or through a venturi arrangement. All different modes of material transfer have inherent advantages and disadvantages and can be adapted to suit specific customers’ requirements and materials to be conveyed.

Typical conveying phase density for this application is a maximum of 15:1 with pipe velocities ranging from 13 to 27m/s using in most instances blowers with maximum pressures up to 150 Kpa positive pressure and 500mb for negative systems.

Dilute Phase fast facts:
Materials that can be conveyed include

  • Granular & pelletised material
  • Resins & Compounds
  • Flour, starch and semolina
  • Specialty Feeds
Advantages of Dilute Phase Conveyor:
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Easily Modified and Extended
  • Operate at Low Pressure
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