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Vacuum Systems
Vacuum systems feature prominently in industrial applications for conveying a range of materials including granular and powders. The advantage of vacuum systems are that they provide a safe and hygienic transfer of materials, combined with flexibility of alternate conveying configurations.

The IBS range of vacuum hopper loaders includes the VR and HVR series, which are both designed to meet most vacuum pneumatic conveying requirements up to conveying rates of 40 t/h.

The hopper loaders design incorporates a reverse pulse filter cleaning facility which includes a Spun Bond Polyester filter media cartridge, and can also be optioned to include bag filters. Spun bond polyester offers the best efficiency and most appropriate filtration solution for handling submicron particles.

The key advantages of the IBS VR and HVR series include:
  • Modular method of construction which enables extension or reconfiguration of the equipment quickly and easily as required;
  • Options to suit specific conveying requirements, including interchangeable bag filters or cartridge filters;
  • Designed for disassembly and/or quick turnaround cleaning which facilitates periodic product changeover to suit production cycles;
  • Conveying from multiple sources;
  • Provides hygienic conveying that is free from contamination.
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